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Our aim is simple

To share our love for music with our friends. To service our friends with the utmost commitment."


Our Friend: Daryl

Launched in 2013, the £50,000 Linn Exakt Klimax system is Linn's flagship integrated system. 

Exakt effectively turned the speaker into a network connected, intelligent, software, upgradeable product.

Daryl happens to be our first Exakt Klimax owner in Jan 2014. He later added the Klimax LP12 turntable in 2018.

Our Friend: Robert

Robert became our second Exakt Klimax system owner in March 2015. He wanted his speakers to be in high gloss white to match his decor. Inside each active speaker is an Exakt engine that eliminates phase and magnitude distortion for perfect timing.

Four months later, Robert added the Klimax LP12 turntable.

Our Friend: Robin

Robin is a strong believer of LInn eco-system of modular and upgradable. He upgrades his Linn system as and when newer technology becomes available to make his system sounds better.
2009 - Dynamik power supply upgrade for Klimax DS player, Klimax Kontrol pre amplifier, 350A exakt speakers
2011 - Audio board upgrade for Klimax DS player
2017 - Katalyst upgrade for 350A exakt speakers

Linn designs their products Modular & upgradable. When technologies, manufacturing processes and materials advanced, allowing improvements in sound reproduction, just upgrade for better sound. There is no planned obsolescence, no costly new models to buy. LIFE WITH LINN - FUTURE PROOFING